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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will of a Revolutionary


“I also wish my friends to speak little or not at all about me, because idols are created when men are praised and this is very bad for the future of the human race…..Acts alone, no matter by whom committed out to be studied, praised or blamed. Let them be praised in order that they may be initiated when they seem to contribute to the common weal. Let them be censured when they are regarded as injurious to the general well being, so that they may not be repeated." "I desire that on no occasion, whether near or remote, nor for any reason whatsoever, shall demonstrations of a political or religious character be made before my remains as I consider the time devoted to the dead would be better employed in improving the conditions of the living, most of whom stand in great need of this.”

    Francisco  Ferrer    Spanish Educator (1859-1909)

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